Bill Long

I am an award-winning author, consultant for foundations and businesses (for profit and non-profit), biblical scholar and attorney. In my varied work life I have been a college professor, an editorial writer for a major American daily newspaper, a pastor of a large urban congregation, a litigation attorney and law professor. Along the way I have served non-profit organizations in capacities from entry-level employee to chairman of the board, as well as outside counsel and advisor. Over the years I have also authored 15 books in fields as varied as law, history, biblical studies, education, the evolution of words, and biography. As time allows, I currently study and write on foreign languages and cultures.

My greatest professional joy comes from helping individuals, families and organizations either tell their story or clarify their thinking on challenges they face. The problems are varied: figuring out a strategy to deal with organizational complexity, communicating more clearly to various constituencies, thinking with more precision about the challenges of the present and future, or de-escalating conflict. My commitment to clients: as we work together, you will think more clearly, more deeply and more optimistically about your life, work and relationships.

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