Davon Cook

  • A Wise Choice

    By Davon Cook on June 24, 2019

      Vulgamore Farms in southwest Kansas has participated in a peer group since 2011.  Brian Vulgamore admits he was initially skeptical of the value of joining such a group.  A friend invited them...

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  • The Rural Brain Is Thriving

    By Davon Cook on February 26, 2019

    Search for "rural American brain drain: on Google and you get 6.26 million hits.  The main idea is that as popultion migrates to urban areas, rural areas don't benefit from the societal contributions...

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  • Legacy -- A Personal View

    By Davon Cook on January 29, 2019

    I was raised, metaphorically speaking, by two giants. My parents’ legacy includes building a well-known and respected business; significant leadership in influencing their industry; being integral...

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  • The Binding Ingredients of Life

    By Davon Cook on December 17, 2018

    This Thanksgiving season, I am noticing my gratitude for relationships. I think of relationships like eggs in my favorite cookie recipe—they bind all the other ingredients of life together. Here...

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  • Family Employment Guidelines

    By Davon Cook on July 30, 2018

    By Davon Cook Alleah explained why defining expectations can be helpful in your family business. Let’s look at family employment guidelines as an example. Because we run businesses that value...

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  • Spotting Talent

    By Davon Cook on January 31, 2018

    Finding the right talent is a priority of most business people. There’s a typical list of attributes often included in a job description: “We’re looking for hard-working, dedicated problem solvers...

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