Davon Cook

  • From Feedback to Feedforward

    By Davon Cook on August 23, 2016

    In your business the focus should be on the future, so why are we currently providing our employees with feedback? Davon explains why she’s adopting the word feedforward and why you should too.

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  • Invest in Training

    By Davon Cook on June 27, 2016

    Davon Cook explains the importance of making an investment in training and learning opportunities for you and your employees.

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  • Getting Onboarding Right

    By Davon Cook on April 21, 2016

    So you’ve made a great hire. Your new worker shows up on time the first day. Now what?      First, make a plan before they show up the first day! The process of integrating a new employee into your...

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  • Hiring for Potential

    By Davon Cook on April 11, 2016

            In my previous article, I discussed the way competency-based interviews help to assess a candidate’s ability and experience with specific skills. In this article, I invite you to consider a...

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  • Give Praise a Chance

    By Davon Cook on March 29, 2016

           I worked with my father for ten years. He is a perfectionist and an amazing businessman. Even though it might not be reality, when I was in the trenches trying to prove myself, it often felt...

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  • The Value of Job Descriptions

    By Davon Cook on December 23, 2015

    An important issue in strengthening human resources in family businesses is writing useful job descriptions. When you start to hire, the job description is important for two reasons: The process of...

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  • Preparing for a Strategic Hire

    By Davon Cook on December 21, 2015

     Last month I wrote about the importance of continuing to professionalize your business. One of the typical decisions in this "upgrade" is filling a strategic position in the organization. For...

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  • Going Pro

    By Davon Cook on December 14, 2015

    When people ask me what business I am involved in, I often answer, “I help ag businesses professionalize their operations.” Does that mean I assume our clients run inefficient or unprofessional...

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