Davon Cook

  • Have Some FUN

    By Davon Cook on October 12, 2015

    In follow-up to my previous column about being Wise, Kind and Strong, a friend replied, "Loved the column Davon, but I'd add one more:  have some FUN!"  He was reflecting after a very successful...

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  • Wise, Kind and Strong

    By Davon Cook on October 5, 2015

    A few years ago, a friend shared his philosophy on raising his three young boys. His mantra, of which he reminded them daily, was a simple question that could apply to almost every situation in life...

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  • Luck, Hard Work or Both?

    By Davon Cook on September 10, 2015

    "Good luck follows hard work." A protégé of my father said my dad taught him that well-known maxim early in his career. Have you ever been "in the right place at the right time?" Undoubtedly there...

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