Do Not Do It....Do Not Hire The Outsider!

By Alleah Heise on October 1, 2018

Do Not Do It…..Do Not Hire The Outsider!
By: Alleah Heise

When a family business sets its sights on sustainable growth, it will inevitably arrive at a crossroads
where the company hiring strategy must be evaluated, including whether to hire a non-family team
member. Davon presented three important keys to success when bringing on a non-family employee.  This is a case for NOT hiring that non-family employee: 

They are DIFFERENT.  Non-family members are different. They bring different backgrounds,
experiences, and education. A non-family employee may challenge your family dynamics, your
communication style, and your perceptions of why “we’ve always done it this way.” Non-family
members may challenge you to invest in new technology, to write a standard operating procedure, or to really hone in on why we do things the way we do.

They ask A LOT of questions. Ever wondered why you always take time to eat lunch together? Or why that old picture is hanging in the office? Or why there are multiple business structures to support what appears to be one business? A non-family employee will encourage you to remember loved ones, to begin defining your legacy, and to get clear on the functionality of your business structure.

They want PAID. Non-family employees have compensation package expectations. They want to know they are making a fair wage and that they will be rewarded in some capacity for their contributions and performance. Non-family employees want to know whether they can take a vacation and for how long. Non-family employees will put you in a position to examine how family members (and others) are compensated, how you assess performance, and how your own family thinks about vacation.

So, on second thought, maybe hiring a non-family team member is not such a bad thing after all! If your organization is ready for some diversity, needs a change catalyst or wants to take that vacation you have been dreaming of, hire that non-family candidate. That person will undoubtedly challenge some of the status quo, but with Davon’s Keys to Success and an eye for the future, your next non-family hire will be a great addition to your family business.